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default List of Chat box Tutorials

Post by sandbox.exe on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:10 am

View and Minimize Chatbox
Click Chat Button at bottom right of your screen to popup chat box, click Again to minimize

Resize and Move Chatbox
in the chatbox you will see our chatbox title Ilonggo Tactic Codes
now Point Your in mouse pointer in "Ilonggo" and you will see hidden Buttons There.

View list of Commands
type /cmd in the message box and click send

• Right click on the chosen Usernames under ONLINE list
View Profile - to view his profile
Send Private Message - Send Message in his inbox
Start Private Conversation - to start 1 on 1 Conversation with a user you've selected
click close button X to close

•click USER OPTION and Check Your Taste
Newest first
Merge messages[/center]
Click USER OPTION again to close Option

Smilies and Colors
same with the USER OPTION

Do not Use Red Color
Do Not post message in all CAPITALS
Do Not use Bold

Read Our Chat Rules for more info
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