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default General Rules and Regulation

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:02 am

General Rules

1.Spamming/Double posting and multiple accounts is not allowed. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
2. Use the help/request sections if you need help.
3.Respect the staff and their decisions. Treat other members positively and with respect. Flaming/Bashing other members will lead to a warning, possibly even a ban. If you have a problem report it so staff can deal with the issue accordingly.
4.Do not mini-mod. We would like to encourage and thank members to use the report button but not add their own criticism. Impersonating a staff member is a serious offense and may lead to a permanent ban.
5. Anyone found to be posting Download link/File that containing viruses or with software built in with the intention of hacking others will be banned.
6. Use Thank You button if the posts seems very useful to you.
7. If the links of a post are dead, or not working, you can report it by clicking Report Post Icon

*** Posting guidelines ***
1.Search before posting. (use the Search box above).
2.Post on the right section. Please read the forum titles / descriptions before posting.
3.Excessive posting of similar messages to increase post count to gain points and rank is not allowed.

5.Use descriptive keywords in the title of your post and avoid "generic" post titles like "Please help", "I have a question" or "What can I do?". Use the thread title to give a quick summary of the issue that is to be discussed. A descriptive title will help others if they are seeking similar information.

Making Titles for Help and Request:

[HELP] - if your looking for a help
[REQ] - for request

Good Example of titles:
•[REQ] Any Android Games
•[HELP] How to fix my computer Virus

Bad Example of Titles:
•please Help fix my computer
•how to make virus?
•pa request games ng android

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